[#10] Hey, What Is Going On With You? 💭
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[#10] Hey, What Is Going On With You? 💭

[#10] Hey, What Is Going On With You? 💭
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Alright, this is the 10th issue since I started Wisdom, I would like to take this opportunity to ask about your well-being and at the same time update you guys on what I have been up to in the LDT camp.

The last couple of weeks have been particularly productive for me in terms of learning and implementing new things in Tech. Maybe this is the time when I am taking consistency a bit more seriously, and also maybe because I am getting used to changing circumstances.

I am big on Terraform, and I truly think it is one such skill that every infrastructure engineer needs to know. I have already written a lot on this topic in the past so I won't do it here. The point is, that I have used Terraform a lot again in my side projects in the past month or so.

Apart from that, I have been actively working on AWS Lambda. I think serverless has great potential. Yes, there are some limitations, but it depends on the what, how, and where you are using serverless. There are many startups who are already taking advantage of it, and I think everyone should.

I surprisingly learned GitHub Actions within a day! I mean I knew for the last couple of years that I want to learn GitHub Actions someday, but I didn't know it would happen in a day's time.

Most of the credit for about stint goes to my background with Azure DevOps. I have been using Azure DevOps for CI/CD automation for more than a year now. And GitHub Actions were similar, if not the same.

And lastly, putting it all together, I used GitHub Actions, to automate Serverless Infrastructure deployment using Terraform. Oh and yes, for the Serverless function's code, I rekindled Golang.

Man, after writing all of this I realize, that was too much. I suddenly feel like I have got some superpowers. How about you?

-- Sumeet

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