[#11] New Resource Published - Go-Lambda Seed Repo 🍓
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[#11] New Resource Published - Go-Lambda Seed Repo 🍓

[#11] New Resource Published - Go-Lambda Seed Repo 🍓
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So I just want to turn your attention to a new resource I published a few days ago. I like to call it Go-Lambda seed repo, mainly because this piece of code helps you automatically deploy Lambda functions written in Golang using Terraform.

I recently started working with Serverless technologies, and I wasn't sure what would be the best way to manage the code, and perform CI/CD automation on any serverless project.

There were options like serverless framework and Serverless Application Model, which seem to help us in the above aspects. But for some reason, I thought maybe I should try to develop something of my own using Terraform. Maybe, I will use the other frameworks in the future, or maybe not.

For now, I am just satisfied with the outcome of this experiment. The Go-Lambda seed repo uses a monorepo pattern, where you can manage all your Lambda functions written in Go, as well as other infrastructure components in the same repo.

I call this a seed repo because the example presented here is essentially a pattern that can be reused to build more complex "Go-Lambda" projects with more functions and API gateway components.

The instructions are included in the README.md. It might not be a perfect code, but if you decide to use it, I would like to know your feedback and I also invite you to send a PR.


-- Sumeet

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