[#14] Recent Guest Blog Posts
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[#14] Recent Guest Blog Posts

[#14] Recent Guest Blog Posts
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Some of you may already know that I like to work - develop and write - with Terraform. Back in 2021, I did write the first series of blog posts on LDT, where I wrote a lot about basics with an intention for someone new to be able to get initial learning guidance on Terraform.

Since then, I have been writing on this topic for Spacelift. Spacelift is a sophisticated CI/CD platform for Terraform, Pulumi, AWS CloudFormation, and Kubernetes.

Some of the latest posts which were published in the month of August are as below.

Terraform Taint, Untaint, Replace - How to Use It (Examples)
Learn the right way to approach the Terraform CLI commands - taint, untaint, and replace, with examples. Avoid failures resulting from misconfiguration.
How to Build AWS VPC using Terraform - Step by Step
In this post, we discuss how to develop a basic AWS VPC using Terraform - building them from scratch and using certified published modules.
Terraform Provisioners : Why You Should Avoid Them
Learn about different types of Terraform provisioners at various stages of infrastructure provisioning. Keep in mind they should be considered a last resort.

There are many more from the past and I keep the Guest Posts section updated. Do keep an eye.

-- Sumeet

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