[#18] It takes time ⏱️
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[#18] It takes time ⏱️

Have you been in a situation where you always thought any technical task is achievable within a day's time at max? And rest of the time is spent in navigating through the politics, office bureaucracy, process, etc.?

I was in this situation till a few years back, and I am still not sure of the time consumed in the process jargons is worth it. Some of that stuff is really needed - product dev definitely cannot happen solely on tracking commits.

This ambiguity gives leeway for all sorts of "lean" theories and buzzwords (like Agile). To a certain extent I think this is stealing. Theft of time, caused due to processes and gates which are just not fruitful.

I was fortunate enough to understand the time requirement and management even in the technical tasks. It takes time to built a robust system. A well-built system needs a firm design, architecture that serves the tactical and strategic purposes, and patience to iterate over these aspects again and again.

More than half of the software development is done when designs are being created and revisited again and again. I like to think of coding as a by-product. Of course there is this thing with best practices, etc. but by the time coding begins, most of the major decisions are already taken.

And that takes time.

-- Sumeet

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