[#6] A Lot Depends On How You React To Bugs 🐞đŸĨ˛
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[#6] A Lot Depends On How You React To Bugs 🐞đŸĨ˛

[#6] A Lot Depends On How You React To Bugs 🐞đŸĨ˛
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Why do software developers always dread the QA team? Because they find bugs in your code? Fine, but does dreading really help you in anyway? My advice - don't dread, but welcome the bugs for resolution.

It is simple - no body is perfect, and even if you are you cannot deliver 100s of lines of code bug free every time. It is okay to have bugs in your code, after all we are humans to not be perfect. No body said software development was easy. 😉

Instead of grinning, try for once, to embrace those defects. Ignore who assigned the defect to you, even if there are personal grudges. As they say - acceptance is the first step towards wisdom. So if the defect description makes sense, just accept your mistake and close that gap.

Similar thing happens when you encounter Red messages in browser console, or terminal screens during the development process. Instead of getting frustrated, just carefully read the message. Now a days, these messages also come along with suggestions, hints, and links to resolutions. Following these hints will make you learn a whole lot about the system.

Remember, there is a whole community of people who have made their careers in computer science just by following the hints provided in these error message. In face, I think it is safe to say that all of us - the Tech Folks - should attribute half of our career's success to these bugs!

If you are passionate about software engineering, then be passionate about these bugs and errors. Change your perspective, don't dread, as it will take you no where and only create temporary irritation. Look at these bugs as books, as they teach software programming to you practically, and highlight the vital gaps in your skills.

-- Sumeet

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