[#5] Don't be afraid to go against the flow 🥷
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[#5] Don't be afraid to go against the flow 🥷

[#5] Don't be afraid to go against the flow 🥷
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There is no dearth of experiences when it comes to the whole going-against-the-flow notion. Whereas, all I was really trying to do was to take a stand for myself.

As a full time developer, your job is to make someone's life a bit easier with your skills. Apart from all the technical skills, if you are able to convince your customers that your solution will bring value to them, then don't be shy of boasting it.

Being honest to yourself goes way further than following mistakes. You don't want to end up in an interview where you cannot attest the claims of your capabilities. If your boss does not agree with your proven approach, then there is something wrong with the culture, not you. 🤷‍♂️

Take bold steps. The way I see it is, these steps are bold only to us. In the ocean of internal politics and personal agendas, our "bold" steps matter only to us. But you know what, there are many other places where your capabilities will be valued.

Were you ever in this situation before? Share it with me at [email protected].

-- Sumeet

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