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I write technical articles, reviews, white papers, datasheets, and much more. Below are the links to some of my published work.

What are Terraform Workspaces? Overview with Examples
Learn about another interesting feature of Terraform - Workspaces. What are they, how do they work, and why you may not want to use them.
Terraform validate Command - Validate Your Configuration Locally
Terraform validate command is used to validate the syntax of the configuration included in Terraform file locally. Learn how to use different output options.
8 Popular Terraform Alternatives You Should Know
Check the most popular Terraform Alternatives and decide on the choice of the IaC tool based on the presented features.
5 Most Useful CI/CD Tools for DevOps Engineers in 2022
Take a look at the list of the most useful CI/CD tools and learn about some of the popular tools that define the state of today’s software automation.
Terraform Provisioners : Why You Should Avoid Them
Learn about different types of Terraform provisioners at various stages of infrastructure provisioning. Keep in mind they should be considered a last resort.
How to Build AWS VPC using Terraform - Step by Step
In this post, we discuss how to develop a basic AWS VPC using Terraform - building them from scratch and using certified published modules.
Terraform Taint, Untaint, Replace - How to Use It (Examples)
Learn the right way to approach the Terraform CLI commands - taint, untaint, and replace, with examples. Avoid failures resulting from misconfiguration.
Terraform Tutorial - Getting Started With Terraform on AWS
In this step by step tutorial, you will learn how to use Terraform and get hands-on experience in managing cloud infrastructure with IaC.
How to Improve Cloud-Native System Performance
Web applications are built to provide various online services to end-users. Developing and hosting these services involves hard work and talent. And it all begins with an idea. But imagine, after putting in all that hard work, users cringe about the performance of the system – “It’s too slow...”, “I
Terraform vs. Ansible: A deep dive comparison - CloudBolt Software
Learn how Terraform and Anisble differ with respect to orchestration, programming paradigm, state management, cloud management, packaging and more.
What are Terraform Templates? Basics, Use Cases, Examples
What are Terraform Templates? What are Terraform Templates used for? See examples and use cases.
Ansible vs. Terraform: Key Differences and Comparison of Tools
Both Terraform and Ansible are DevOps tools, but how do these DevOps tools differ? In short, Terraform is an open-source, Infrastructure as Code platform, while Ansible is an open-source configuration management tool.
How to Use Terraform Variables (Locals, Input, Output) - Tutorial
Terraform variables. Learn how to use local, input, output , and environment variables. See how to mark Terraform variables as sensitive.
Importing Existing Infrastructure into Terraform - Step by Step
See a step-by-step guide on importing existing infrastructure into Terraform. Check examples and learn how to import instances into a Terraform configuration.
Meta-Arguments for Terraform
Note: I am doing this blog post in collaboration with Infracode. These guys are super-cool and are working on some amazing products in IaC…
Guest Post: Beginner’s Guide to Terraform AWS Compute (Part 2)
Welcome back to our series on Terraform AWS.
Beginner’s Guide to AWSStorage Using Terraform
Storage is one of the core aspects of cloud computing. In this post, we will provision 3 types of storage on AWS using Terraform.
How to Optimize your AWS Cloud Architecture Costs
In this article, I’ll highlight what I mean by optimizing your costs in AWS cloud architecture. Then I’ll share how you can do it with respect to the AWS Well-Architected framework. The Problems of Maintaining IT Architecture The traditional maintenance of IT infrastructure was not very, hmm, effici…
What is Terraform? Learn Terraform and Infrastructure as Code
Terraform is a tool that helps you manage various cloud infrastructure services in the form of code. You codify your infrastructure, and so it’s also known as Infrastructure as Code (IaC). The cloud has become important to more and more companies. It not only helps reduce time and costs but
Learn Basic Terraform Syntax in 20 minutes
In this article, I’ll give you a brief overview of the configuration syntax of Terraform. Terraform’s docs [https://www.terraform.io/docs/index.html] provide the most comprehensive look at its syntax. But this article should serve as a condensed quick start introduction that’ll give new users a sim…