[#3] I am here to share 👐
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[#3] I am here to share 👐

[#3] I am here to share 👐
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One of the reasons I started Wisdom, is to share whatever I experience in the field of Tech. I have been in Tech since more than a decade and have worked with clients globally. There are many lessons which I want to structure and present them to you.

Blogs is one such aspect of LDT, where I consolidate my mind-maps publicly. These mind-maps are based on the experience of aligning Technical landscapes with businesses. Of course, these are not just limited to tech, but also tech-related non-tech stuff.

I plan to create booklets or mini-books to encapsulate my learnings in more detailed manner. Not sure if you did, but do check out the booklet available freely for members on LDT.

Needless to say, you guys are close - so you will also hear from me about the upcoming topics on LDT. However, it is not just me who would conduct this argy-bargy. I am interested to know more about you as well. If you want me to cover a certain topic or subject on LDT, do send in an email or DM me on Twitter.

-- Sumeet

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