[#2] My first eBook 📕 [FREE PDF & ePub]
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[#2] My first eBook 📕 [FREE PDF & ePub]

[#2] My first eBook 📕 [FREE PDF & ePub]
Photo by Yannick Pulver / Unsplash

In the month of May and June this year, I worked on recollecting all the aspects I faced in architectural discussions, and the aspects I knew about the topic - Cloud-Native Performance Architecture.

10 years back, and even today with the cloud ecosystem, performance was, is, and will always be the hot topic of discussion. To put it simply, the more time required to service user requests more is the resource consumption, and thus more bills are to be paid.

And when scale comes into the picture, the infrastructure bills can blow out of proportion. Well, it is not just about overdoing it, performance tuning of a system is also important from the cost-savings perspective. After all, even if you have the budget, won't you still take every opportunity to reduce the spend?

So, I had this information scattered all over my brain and wanted to document it somewhere. I decided to write down all the important experience-based aspects in the first version of my free eBook here. Do give it a read, and my hopes are that it would help you evolve into a better architect.

This is the kind of initiative I would like to keep delivering here on LDT. If you know someone who would be interested in this, share the links with them and subscribe to LDT for more resources in the future.

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-- Sumeet

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