Cloud and DevOps have been my area of interest for the last 5 years. In my experience, I have helped customers deploy and refactor their application architecture using cloud-native technologies.

Always a contributor to cloud cost optimization initiatives. I work with clients to deliver production deployments in line with the organization's visions.


Cloud Native Architecture

  • Experience in building autoscaling and highly available systems.
  • Refactored monolith applications into a microservice architecture.
  • Redesigned application deployment to optimize production costs by leveraging containers and orchestration.
  • Cloud platforms: AWS, MS Azure, GCP, DO
  • Created Technical Design Documents for multiple projects.

DevOps Automation

  • Automated CI and CD for applications built in NodeJS and Golang.
  • Experienced in working with AWS Code Pipeline, Azure DevOps, and Circle CI.

Infrastructure as Code (Terraform)

  • Extensive experience in developing cloud architectures using Terraform IaC.
  • Ability to convert cloud component architecture diagrams to IaC.
  • Imported existing production deployments under Terraform management.
  • Developed multi-cloud deployments.

Cloud Native Security

  • Addressed security points for data at rest and data in transit.
  • Usage of certificate-based mutual authentication.
  • Designed secure virtual networks for accessing applications deployed on cloud.

Multi-Cloud Management

  • Product development experience in building a multi-cloud management platform.


  • Hands-on experience in developing microservice backends with NodeJS.


  • Cloud Platforms: AWS, MS Azure, GCP, DO
  • IaC: Terraform
  • Containers: Docker
  • Container orchestration: Kubernetes
  • Protocols: HTTP/S, AMQP, MQTT
  • Languages: NodeJS, Golang