With over 10 years of experience working on the NOW platform, I have strong experience in delivering customer outcomes by optimally leveraging platform capabilities and aligning them with business initiatives.

Since Aspen till now, I have worked with customers as an individual consultant as well as being part of various partner organizations.


Platform Architecture

  • Experience with multi-instance setup.
  • Instance hardening.
  • Domain separation implementation from scratch and in the existing environment.
  • Data management for CMDB and other requirements.
  • Data sovereignty and regulations considerations.
  • Planning and implementation of platform core capabilities.
  • Overarching technical architecture and standardization.
  • User Management and Access Controls
  • Consolidating integration requirements and implementing standardized interfaces.
  • Creation of Technical Design Documents.

Scratch Implementations/Legacy Migrations

  • Worked with multiple customers to implement and migrate ITSM processes from legacy tools to the NOW platform.
  • Customer onboarding on domain-separated MSP instances.
  • Experience in process requirement gathering.
  • Implementation of interprocess triggers and integrations.
  • Role-based access control management.


  • Enhancements based on a consolidation of the multi-domain service catalog.
  • Revamped complex ACL requirement matrix by using a logic-driven approach instead of a data-driven one.
  • Refactored multiple UI components and Service Portal widgets for performance improvements.
  • Implementation of additional and custom change types in Change Management process workflow.

Hands-on Development

  • Expert in scripting on the NOW platform using Javascript.
  • Optimally leveraged server and client-side scripting for absolute customizations.
  • Hands-on experience with NodeJS.

Custom Application Development

  • Specific expertise in custom scoped application development on the NOW platform.
  • Led discussions in the requirement gathering workshops to create the initial draft of the application design.
  • Experience with creating a custom cloud provisioner/orchestrator within ServiceNow (as a POC).
  • Developed and certified multiple products on ServiceNow Store for various customers.
  • Created and contributed to a few Share utilities.


  • Vast experience in 3rd party single and bi-direction integrations.
  • Data transformation using import sets.
  • Types of integrations implemented - LDAP, Inbound Email, SOAP, REST, Integration Hub & Flow Designer Actions, etc.
  • Implemented Certificate based mutual authentication for secure transfer of data.
  • Created 3rd party API for consumption from the NOW platform, to interpret and present real-time financial reporting data.

Data-Driven Workflows

  • Successfully led the data-driven workflows initiative in multiple projects.
  • Specific expertise in designing a data model to enable pseudo admin users to make the required impact on process changes.
  • Developed Role-based access control for the data model.


  • Vast experience in automation using scheduled and event-based approaches.
  • Implemented workflows and flow designer flows to tackle multiple process automation requirements.
  • Leveraged external integration capabilities using MID servers, to trigger automatic orchestration activities.
  • Leveraged internal platform capabilities like script actions, scheduled jobs, and Glide API to optimize and automate process states.
  • UX intuitive approach towards enhancing process automation.


  • Led the PoC on the event-based discovery of cloud CIs using IoT-based protocols like AMQP and MQTT.
  • Implemented cloud management custom application using Terraform capabilities.
  • Led UI based process support for root cause analysis using 5-Why methodology.
  • Contributed to multiple design discussions, and mentored various teams.

Business Process Management

  • Experience in implementing ITSM processes for multiple customers.
  • Requirement gathering and design of process flow.
  • Gap identification with respect to OOB NOW capabilities.

Team Management

  • Led a number of squads responsible for deliveries of various projects related to ITSM, ITOM, Custom Integrations, Data Management, UI/UX, etc.
  • Mentored many colleagues to help them scale their ServiceNow skills.
  • Delivered user training.
  • Conducted technical interviews of many junior (developers) and senior (architects) candidates.


ServiceNow CSA
ServiceNow CIS - ITSM
ServiceNow CAD


Ex-Meetup Organizer for Mumbai and Pune