I absolutely love technology - every aspect of it - programming, languages, people, architecture, design - if there is anything else, you name it and I will be onboard.

I breathe IT. With more than a decade's experience working with IaaS, SaaS, Agile, Enterprises, and Startups - I bring a quintessential set of values that makes startups scale successfully.

Talk to me about your product roadmap, tech landscapes, ecosystem, marketing, and sales, and of course, I would love to dive deep into the architecture and offer my valuable insights.

As a constant learner, I consume tools and publish my thoughts here on LDT. I dream of doing this for the rest of my life. I wrap my head around your product and create high-quality, high-performing, and sometimes opinionated, blogposts.

Writing about your product naturally requires me to understand and gain deeper insights into it. This, combined with the industry experience that I possess - I steer the critical client discussions and provide independent advocacy around winning situations for your business.

If you are on the journey of scaling your startup, meet me anywhere on the way as I help in providing the foundation for optimizing your business by identifying potential resources, and exploring unchartered territories.


Business Vision/Initiative Alignment

Often ignored by the tech community, and a hard-earned lesson for myself - I now keep business architecture at the forefront of everything I do.

My involvements in projects often make things simple by asking one question - how relevant is it for the business? which initiatives are we trying to contribute to? If this is difficult to answer, then we are doing something wrong.

Tying every action performed by project teams to one of the initiatives gives meaning to the business's IT investments.

Business Architecture

  • Experience working with executives in identifying their as-is business structure for greater transparency.
  • Identification and mapping of capabilities and value streams across business units.
  • Developing a roadmap for standardizing customer experience.
  • Contributing to the business architecture knowledge base with reports and blueprints.


  • Experience in helping startups grow from passion-driven teams to business-oriented enterprises.
  • Creating a business architecture blueprint by identifying value streams, capability maturity, and information mappings drive investments in the right scaling direction.
  • Contributing to their technical architecture from customer experience and cost optimization perspectives.


  • Incorporated additional use cases in existing ESM processes to avoid reinventing the wheel.
  • Enhanced global user catalogs to reduce maintenance efforts.
  • As part of the architecture board, I defined standards and best practices for API and interfaces for homegrown applications.
  • Refactored a SaaS-based COTS platform - for standardizing multiple applications and processes.

Designing Cloud Native Architectures

  • Classification of cloud migration initiatives - lift and shift, containerization, and serverless.
  • Designed microservice-based multi-cloud product.
  • Actively advocated IaC initiatives.
  • Extensive experience in AWS for organization's compute, storage, and network security requirements.
  • Performed cost analysis on various cloud adoption initiatives.

Cost Optimization

  • Cloud cost comparison and analysis - based on context.
  • Identified and executed business architecture-driven work packages that justified IT investment.
  • Refactored NodeJS/Golang-based web applications by breaking down monolith to microservices to optimize resource consumption.
  • Adopted containers (Docker) and orchestration services (K8s).


  • Successfully leveraged CICD automation for better developer experience across various sets of tools.
  • Experienced in public cloud orchestration workflows.
  • Automated cloud asset discovery.
  • Proved several PoCs in automation using SaaS-based tools, virtualization, resource provisioning, and RPA.


  • Experience in hardening container-based microservices.
  • Cloud VNet/VPC management to develop appropriate network design, subnets, security groups, firewalls, etc.
  • Defined a process to share secured container images in a shared private repository across teams.
  • Performed security analysis and aligned homegrown solutions as per baseline standards defined in the organization.

Technical Architecture

  • Primary experience in Application architecture - both COTS (ServiceNow) and homegrown (using NodeJS and Golang).
  • Experience in implementing multiple DevOps and deployment strategies.
  • Defined current and target technical architectures, including transition architectures for digital transformation initiatives.
  • Experience in writing standards literature for APIs and interfaces.
  • Active participation in various initiatives using cloud-native technologies and automation.
  • Deployment of open source monitoring solutions in the enterprise landscape.


  • Spearheaded innovation management for multiple organizations throughout my career.
  • Developed multiple PoCs using a combination of technologies and presented the benefits to executive teams.
  • Nominated as innovation evangelist.
  • Always curious and open to possibilities.

Mentoring/Team management

  • As an approachable team member, I have mentored many colleagues in their challenges.
  • Experience in handling executive politics diplomatically to achieve organizational outcomes.



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