[#8] The Joy Of Creating Products đŸ“Ļ
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[#8] The Joy Of Creating Products đŸ“Ļ

[#8] The Joy Of Creating Products đŸ“Ļ
Photo by Mikkel Bech / Unsplash

A couple of weeks after I published my first eBook, I was watching a web-series on Netflix. Which one is not a point, but I took a break to have some water. Out of nowhere I thought of checking the analytics on LDT. đŸ‘ģ

I saw one active user browsing through all the content I had to present at that time. We all know how good is Google at tracking things like these :). In this case, it was pleasure to see them (not sure about the pronoun) take interest and browse through the Wisdom, Resources, Guest Posts, and About section. 🧐

It clicked to me then, how awesome is this. This is the fundamental building block of creating a product economy. While the resources were being browsed, I was not even thinking about it. I was just chilling. The user may or may not have subscribed, paid, commented, tweeted, on their own - something that may or may not benefit me - and I was no where involved in this. 😄

We achieve this kind of freedom when we decide to productize and publish our work online - a freedom that everyone desires. At LDT, I take pride in publishing more content in the future. Not just ebooks, but much more. It is also a way for me to give back to the community.

One question for you - what's stopping you? 🤔

-- Sumeet

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