[#7] The World Is No More About Basics 🌵
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[#7] The World Is No More About Basics 🌵

[#7] The World Is No More About Basics 🌵
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Everybody knows everything. Everyone knows how things are done even if they themselves do not have any expertise or knowledge about it.

People's appreciation is no more based on that bit that is responsible to make people wonder about simpler things. We have learned to appreciate the depth of art, science, skills, literature, emotions, - basically anything that has value.

I came across this standup comedy show where a standup comedian attempted to crack jokes which he thought were hysterical. Not that the audience complained about it - the formal laughter was more about showing sympathy if anything.

It then clicked to me - there is no place for average. You got to choose a side - either do it well enough, or don't do it at all. In my opinion this has happened for good. We cannot keep on mass fooling ourselves as a human race.

Often, the less code we right showcases the talent, while more code doesn't.

-- Sumeet

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