[#1] What am I doing in your inbox? 🤔
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[#1] What am I doing in your inbox? 🤔

[#1] What am I doing in your inbox? 🤔
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It has been a while since I have pondered about starting a weekly newsletter. Well, I guess the time is finally here! And if you are reading this in your inbox, you are one of those lucky few! Thanks for subscribing! 🤗

First of all, I have named this newsletter - Wisdom 🧘. This is an informal way for me to be connected to you guys and if possible get to know you a bit more.

I promise these will not be very verbose and I would keep it very short. Think of it as if you ran into a friend/colleague and exchanged a few words 😉. And yes, I mean exchange - I would love to read your stories and answer your questions as well. Shoot them over to me at [email protected].

Also, since you are a member, I will keep you updated with the latest happenings in the LDT camp - new blogs, info products, and a bit more insights into the projects and daily learnings. Also, occasional rants 🤭!

See you next week!

-- Sumeet

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